"Give me five minutes a week, and I'll give you ... Well, I'm not sure just what I'll give you, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it!"   :-)


Welcome to 'A Story a Week', the story/essay collection from woodblock printmaker David Bull.

This collection of stories had its genesis in the pieces I submitted to various weekly papers in Tokyo. It seems that my writing style - straightforward and familiar - is well suited to the weekly magazine format, and the published stories got quite good feedback from readers. Writing the pieces became a kind of 'habit' for me, and my list of potential topics just kept growing and growing, so I decided to publish similar pieces on my own, here on this web site.

Each story is accompanied by a recording of myself reading the story, accessible through the speaker icon on each story page. These recordings (in mp3 format) can be downloaded to your own computer if you wish.

Access to all the stories on the site is completely free for everybody. Just follow the tab above marked 'The Stories' to see the index to them all. If you would like to be reminded by email whenever a new story is published - usually every Sunday morning here in Japan - click the 'Email Updates' tab above to find the sign-up form ...

I hope you find my stories interesting and entertaining. I should also mention that each story has a Comments Page attached to it, and I look forward to reading comments and discussion from readers (anybody is welcome to contribute to the Comments Pages).

Thank you for your interest in my work!