'A Story A Week' Books

Every six months, a new volume of Story A Week pieces is published, containing the stories from the previous half year. Each volume is available both in standard printed form and as a very reasonably priced eBook.The printed volumes contain the stories as they appear on the website, along with a vocabulary listing (Japanese translations of the more difficult words in the text), while the eBooks omit the vocabulary, and have just the stories themselves.

A Story A Week had its origin in the stories that I wrote on request for the Mainichi Weekly newspaper for a few years in the mid 1990s. I very much enjoyed the assignments from the editors, especially the challenge of trying to say something interesting in the extremely short space that was available. Feedback from the newspaper stories was usually positive, and it seems that many readers enjoy my short familiar episodes.

It seems that my writing style - which is familiar and simple, but without babying the reader - is well suited to this short format genre. The stories in these books were all newly written for A Story a Week, and the series is continuing - a new episode appears on the website every Sunday morning.

Volume 1 : ISBN 978-4-9036-7201-4 : 86 pp. 26 stories
Volume 2 : ISBN 978-4-9036-7204-5 : 86 pp. 27 stories
Volume 3 : ISBN 978-4-9036-7206-9 : 84 pp. 25 stories
Volume 4 : ISBN 978-4-9036-7207-6 : 88 pp. 27 stories
Volume 5 : ISBN 978-4-9036-7210-6 : 86 pp. 26 stories
Volume 6 : ISBN 978-4-9036-7211-3 : 86 pp. 26 stories
Volume 7 : ISBN 978-4-9036-7212-0 : 82 pp. 26 stories

The books are available from my Mokuhankan print shop ... in both eBook and printed formats.