Great Expectations!

(It's first thing in the morning, and Dave has just come downstairs, ready for the morning 'routine'. He's been to the bathroom, has prepared his breakfast, and is now in the entranceway, having been out to the mailbox to pick up the daily newspapers. Boots the cat is just coming in, through the cat flap located beside the front door ...)

Dave: Good morning Boots-chan; you're a little late today. I didn't get your usual personalized 'wake up' service this morning!

Boots: Sorry about that; I do have other people to take care of, you know. I'll make sure I jump on your futon extra early tomorrow morning to make up for it!

Dave: Yes, I'm sure you will ...

(They go into the kitchen; Dave picks up the tray with his breakfast, and carries it to his desk ...)

Boots: There's no point in asking you what you are having for breakfast today, is there! I can't believe you have exactly the same thing every day ... a bowl of granola, and a cup of coffee.

Dave: Yes, I've been looking forward to it all night! But what about you? Doesn't your family give you the same breakfast every morning ... a bowl of crunchy cat food?

Boots: Not my choice, I tell you! What I'd really like is a nice piece of grilled fish, the same as the humans in my house eat most days.

Dave: Ah, that's not really to my taste. If that's what I had to eat every day, getting up in the morning would be a chore, not a pleasure! I'm happy with these cereals ... even though the one I have this morning isn't one of my particular favourites ...

Boots: What do you mean? Did somebody buy the wrong one for you?

Dave: No, no ... I bought it myself. I have to admit though; it's not very tasty. Now the one I'll be eating next week, when this bag is finished - that one is really tasty! It's full of cashew nuts and chopped fruit, and it even has big pieces of chewy coconut meat. I can't wait!

Boots: So you made a mistake with this one. I guess you won't be buying it again.

Dave: Actually, I will be buying it again. When my stock of packages of cereal gets low, I'll get on the train and make a trip to the market, and will again buy a selection of different types - some really good ones, and some that are not so great ...

Boots: Why do you do that? Why not just buy your favourite? You said you 'can't wait' to eat it!

Dave: Because if I only bought my favourite one, then after a short time, it would just become 'routine', and I wouldn't enjoy it so much anymore. This way, by sometimes eating cereal that I don't really like, I'm always happy - either I'm eating my favourite, or I'm looking forward to eating my favourite!

Boots: That's crazy! What about the day when you come to the end of your favourite type, and you realize that for the next week or so, you have to eat the one you don't like. That can't be a very 'happy' day!

Dave: Well yes, it is a tiny bit of a sad feeling ... coming to the end of something pleasureable. But that feeling soon passes, and as the days go by, the anticipation for what is coming next slowly builds and builds. And then, before I know it, the day comes when I am able to cut open a fresh bag, and pour out a big bowl of the type I like the best! Mmmm!

Boots: I tell you, I'll never understand humans ... they make life so complicated sometimes! Anyway, I've got to get upstairs; the sunshine will be on my cushion in the bay window only for another half hour or so, and I don't want to miss the chance for a nice power nap!

Dave: But you just got up! You're going to have a nap already?

Boots: I've been looking forward to this all night! ... (yawn) ...


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